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Aug 13, 2009 4:00am EDT
here this morning with the growth numbers out of france and germany. we're going to get the eu whole number coming out in a while. the ftse 100 up 0.8% as well as the xetra dax. cac 40 up 0.7% and smi up 0.5%. what happened this morning, the growth dmeft irk numbers up 0.3% in germany. it's down on a comparative basis, 7.1% less than where we were standing for growth a year ago. but quarter on quarter, it was positive. that helped the euro extend some gains against the dollar this morning. euro/dollar up to 1.4245. dollar is firmer against the yen and sterling rebounded, as well against the greenback. >> those upbeat comments from the fed gave markets here enough region to cheer. markets gaining higher in asia, for instance, the nikkei 225 up 0.8%. the kospi marginally lower. shanghai composite up 0.9%. hang seng up 2.07%. this market tracks closely what happens in the u.s. and the bombay sensitive 30 index up 2.5%. crude oil seems to be getting a lift on the upbeat comments coming from the fed. nymex light sweet crude up 86 cents, $71 even, and brent is putting on gains on hopes dem
Aug 13, 2009 5:30pm EDT
for help as they battle the typhoon. -- taiwan appeals for help as they battled the typhoon. france and germany pull out of the recession. welcome to the bbc world news. coming up later, iraqi kurdistan looks towards a bright future. however, will their peace be threatened? we have a rare interview with a former member [inaudible] hello. the u.s. government is making its opinions very clear. the man serving a life sentence in a scottish jail for the bombing 21 years ago of a pan am jet should not be released. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi has terminal prostate cancer and he could be freed on compassionate grounds. >> will whole sky just lit up and then it would fire started to rain down. >> there was a terrific mushroom of flames. >> my brother and lot and my sister-in-law were lost. >> one hour into the flight to new york, pan am flight 103 a sellout of the sky. the biggest murder in british history. abdelbaset ali al-megrahi was sentenced for planting the bomb and now he is said to be released on compassionate grounds because he has a terminal prostate cancer. state turn to this town
Aug 13, 2009 6:30pm EDT
thousands still strabbeded by last week's typhoon. -- stranded by last week's typhoon. france and germany are out of recession pulling ahead of the rest of europe. welcome to "bbc world news" broadcast to our viewers on pbs in america also around the globe. coming up later for you, the force of iran's feared be seeinged you militia. we have an interview with a former member. and it's farewell to a pioneer of rock music, the guitarist les paul has died. hello. the u.s. government is making its view very clear. the man serving a life sentence in a jail of the bombing of a pan am jet should not be released early. he has terminal prostate cancer. he could be freed next week on compassionate grounds. he served eight years of his sentence. the bbc correspondent allen little reported back on the disaster in 1988. he has returned to lockerbie now. >> the whole sky just lit up and it was like liquid fire started to rain down on the car. >> like an atom bomb going off. it was a terrific mushroom of flames. >> i lost my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law. >> it was mid winter, the longest night of the
Aug 29, 2009 4:00pm EDT
progressive, the agriculture secretary, harry hopkins, the first federal relief administrator and frances perkins, the labor secretary, reflected his desire to help the victims of the depression but at the same time he had the budget director, louis douglas, one of the most conservative democrats in congress, maybe the most conservative, who did not believe there was any money for the program and he was going to ght progressives to and nail and assassinating that fdr wanted douglas in the mix, elevated the budget to the cabinet level and when you look at the bills that emerge during the 100 days, solving the b@nking process that had to be done, the next thing fdr did, when he waited to choose the problem, he cut the federal budgety 25%. th is not what we associatd with the new deal but that was part of h thinking. he wanted people around him t reflect the complexities of his own mind. >> i have to talked about my favorite character in the book. she went to my alma ter. frances perkins. >> an amazing figure. when i started the book i knew she was the first woman cabinet member i honestly t
Aug 2, 2009 6:30pm EDT
a treasured tradition in france >>> and c'est la vie, why a treasured tradition in france could be coming to an end. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening, everyone. as the american troop presence in iraq slowly winds down, there was stunning news today that may write the final chapter to operation desert storm. that was the first gulf war in 1991. it took just six weeks for american and allied forces to drive iraqi forces out of occupied kuwait at a loss of 148 american lives. but for 18 years the fate of one naval aviator who never returned from the war's opening salvo has hung in limbomid questions of whether he was killed or captured. tonight the mystery of what happened to lieutenant commander michael scott speicher is solved, and for his family the anguish of not knowing is over. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has the extraordinary story. >> reporter: in the hours of the first gf war january 17th, 1991, navy lieutenant commander scot speier was shot dow at the pentagon defense secretary dick cheney declared spiker dead. >> as of 0900 this mornin
Aug 13, 2009 6:00pm EDT
by last week's typhoon. stranded bylast week phoon. france and gerny are out of recession pulling ahe of the rest of europe. welcome to "bbc worldews" broadcast to our viewers opbs in america also around the globe. cong up later for you, the rce of iran's fead be senged you militia. have an intervi with a former memr. anit's fewell to a pioer of roc music, the guitast les paul has died. hello. e u.s. governmt is making its view very clear. the man serving a lifesentence a jailf the bombing of a pa am jet should note releas early. he has ternal proste cancer. he could be freed next week on compasonate grounds. he served eightears of his sentence. the b correspondentllen little reported back othe saster in 1988. he has returnedo lockerbie now. >> t whole sky just lit up d it was le liquid fire starteto rain down on the car. >> like a atom bomb going off. it was a rrific mhroom of flames. >> i lost my broer-in-law, my sier-in-law. >> it was d winter, the longest ght of th yr. one ur into its flight. thpan am jumbo jet fell ou of the cd sky, the biggest mass murr in british history. he w
Aug 17, 2009 5:00am EDT
to take notes from germany and france when it comes to turning around this troubled economy. the first two major economies to get back into positive territory are germany and france. both actually saw their economies growing in the second quarter while most of the rest of the world, including the u-s continued to see shrinking economies. dan cook is senior markets analyst at i-g markets. nice to see welcome back. good to be here. when determining friend doing right that the rest of the world is an? there's been less plans were because of the sized one thing they had a cash for clunkers program which is successful to help the overall economy. in germany particularly the way they handle their unemployment it but we have here they subsidize factories and companies to keep their workers on short-time bell will make up the difference ecologically-as a huge impact on the consumer the big question remains i've seen the headlines the first one is out of recession but not by any means because the stability of the big question let's take a look at the signs of a rebound in germany and france were
Aug 13, 2009 5:00pm EDT
and france have pulled out of recession. could the rest of europe be far behind? and what does that mean for the u.s. economy? >>> as secretary of state clinton meets with the first woman president of liberia, we look at the women's movement in that west african country. a force so strong, it drove a dictator from power. >>> and we continue our look at the impact of climate change on remote lands. traveling to cambodia to meet the monks out to save a forest one tree at a time. >>> good evening, i'm martin savidge. we are going to start here tonight with a subject that has a lot of people here and throughout the world increasingly concerned as we heard towards fall that. subject is the h1n1 swine flu virus, which according to the world health organization has killed just under 1,500 people worldwide. right now it's spreading through india with its vast and densely packed population, to use the words of "the new york times." it has been confirmed in 67 american troops at 6 bases in iraq, to cite just a couple of examples. it's a complicated health issue and tonight's lead focus, we thought
Aug 25, 2009 6:00pm EDT
, that's got to be... a good sign.... >>abirached: ever since france hosted the rugby world cup in 2007, the sport has become increasingly popular, butit still remains a non-starter on france's gritty housing estates. but a new initiative is underwayto get kids from some of france's most impoverished neighborhoods interested in the sport. >>reporter: this housing estate on the outskirts of the southern french city of toulouse suffers from high double digit youth unemployment .the population is made up of mainly first and second generation north african immigrants. these housing projects are more or less cut off from the rest of french society. >>: and yet in this local classroom a strange sort of experiment is taking place. >>: these kids are being taught about the game of rugby. in these rough neighborhoods football is king. but for rugby professionals there is a lot of new potential players on these estates. >>: and for regional and city governments who finance the initiatives - rugby is seen as having a more positive role model image than football. >>zerourou: with rugby you have the
Aug 10, 2009 1:00am EDT
the casualties in world war i and ii, 25,000 a day died in world war i, all in france. the germans were described as barbarians and brutes. people of extreme cruelty. it stands in contrast to americans were unable to recognize bar barbarian behavior here at home. >> the argument whether or not to go to war to volunteer, was made in harlem's barbershops. one man said, you have no rights which white men are not bound to protect. the argument was, why protect a democracy that did not protect black citizens. dubai argued, this is not our war. >> one said, volunteered service in such a time as this constitutes the strongest argument and the nobless appeal for political and economic rights which a colored man to present to the nation once the war is over. >> this happened in waco, texas. when jesse washington was tried and taken from city hall by 10,000 texans, people from waco. then william hayward, from nebraska, was in the nebraska national guard. on his right there was arthur little, publisher. the governor whitman wanted hayward to have all white officers but he agreed to have black officers. in t
Aug 16, 2009 11:00am EDT
. congratulations. france and germany are out of recession, according to the numbers. what do you think the outlook will be in europe for defense spending where there are some that are saying there is added pressure. >> i think there will be stimulus spending in europe has been probably not as much as here. the thing is that the budgets are out of control now. and because of europe's own rules you have to rein that in. if there is something you can always please the european public spending on defense most of the people agree with that. because they want universal health care and things you are discussing here, too. >>> right, we will be right back. what threats are shaking the pentagon strategic r oh, hi! welcome back to! how's that car insurance? great! just bought a house... and you just heard progressive offers homeowner's insurance. yeah! i also heard i could save a bundle -- because progressive already insures your car. yeah, and i like -- one-stop shopping! right. i know! anything else i should know? yes -- make sure you stay away from shag carpeting. getting your auto and ho
Aug 1, 2009 6:30pm EDT
, and like the united states the government of france is trying to jump start its economy with a stimulus program but that is where the similarity ends. sheila macvicar looks at a spending plan that appropriates say is quicker, more effective, and indisputably french. >> reporter: high above paris, workers mend the roof of notre dame, refurbishing the elegant decoration and at the same time helping to repair the french economy with government funds invested in the past. >> you know there is no future without the past. there is no project without memory. >> reporter: like the u.s., france's government has committed billions of dollars to stimulate the crisis-hit economy a total of $112 billion. >> we've learned a lot from the past and we're using this experience now and this is probably the reason why we are about to avoid a deep depression like the one we saw in the 30s. >> reporter: there is cash for clunkers to help car sales, money for new subsidized housing repairs for potholes and leaking pipes across the nation, and $140 million to renovate france's prized cultural heritage. analyst
Aug 7, 2009 11:00pm EDT
in france. >> shouldn't i find something to do. >> what is it that you really like to do? >> eat. >> and you are so good at it. look at you. now -- >> i'm growing in front of you. >> what does julia child have to do with me? lowly cubicle worker julie powell. >> how is your job, julie. >> are the person to speak to about your insurance form. >> you can speak to me. >> do you have any power? >> no. >> heartbreaking. >> so sad. >> painful. >> not in a bad way. >> do you think i'm lost. is this lost, if you met me would you think that well is lost. >> i would think that woman is strangely repetitive. >> did you hear what happened to this one. >> showtime bought my blog for a miniseries. >> i could write a book. i have thoughts. >> not a real cook like julia child. >> julia child wasn't always julia child. >> why don't i go to cooking school. bonjour. >> julie -- julia project, i cook my way through julia child's cookbook, 35 days, 524 recipes. i'm risking me well-being for a deranged assignment. >> is it crazy? >> yes. >> you should have seen the way those men looked at me. >> but then they dis
FOX News
Aug 7, 2009 7:18pm EDT
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FOX News
Aug 15, 2009 11:00am EDT
in finland but russia areas maritime website says it is detecting signals off the french coast. france saying the signals must be coming from other russian ships. the intense wildfires burning out of control in california are being fueled by strong winds. state officials are very concerned that the winds could spark more fires. the wildfires are forcing more evacuations in airs already under a state of emergency and the california governor is expected to visit the fire zone today. now "forbes on fox" only on fox. i'm jamie colby. keep it right here. david: what is the best way to get americans back to work? cutting taxes or more government spending? we actually crunched some numbers and found several states lowering taxes this career, arizona, arkansas, idaho, maine, north dakota, texas and they all have a lower jobless rate than the national average of 9.4%. rich, is it time to follow their lead? >> absolutely. the beg problem in this recession is high unemployment and the unemployment unfortunately might get worse. traditionally it is small businesses that come in and create the majority of
Aug 17, 2009 12:00am EDT
lanes in a the world? the cargo vessel was last seen off the coast ofel northern france and missing two weeks. it may have been taken over by pirates, something unheard of in european waters. >> how can a 4,000-ton cargo ship pass through the english channel two weeks ago, and then simply disappear off the face of the earth? the coast guard received a routine kalt from the maltese registered arctic sea. on july 28, what they didn't know is that she had earlier been attacked in swedish waters by gunmen pre-tentsdzing to be swedish miss. it began in finland. on july 23, they set off with a garg cargo of timber. the gunman tied up the crew, left and the ship continued. on july 29, last contact was made with coast guard as it passed through the english channel. it lost track on it never made it to its destination, algeria. ships can usually be tracked by satellite using the automated identification system use known as ais but no one knows where this ship is now and interpol has issued an alert. >> you would expect a ship to have its ais on and be transmitting over time. the indications are
Aug 7, 2009 7:00pm EDT
, 70% tha their system is working well. life expectancy, 80.7 years. and 84% of the people in france are satisfied with the quality of their health care. life expectancy, 81 years. even with that high satisfaction rate and long lifespan, some in france now believe their universal health care system is in need of change. brooke baldwin has our report. >> reporter: imagine a health care system where 99% of the population is covered. there's no hassle in seeing your doctor of choice, and the majority of patients are satisfied with the quality of care. france, a nation of more than 60 million people, provides basic, universal health insurance. most of the funding stems from a payroll tax, but employees do pay a small percentage. but unlike traditional single-payer systems, michael tanner with the cato institute said france is different. >> it's a system that relies heavily on consumer cost sharing and market forces to control health care costs. >> reporter: according to the commonwealth fund, a nonpartisan research group, only 33% of the french say their system needs fundamental changes
FOX News
Aug 3, 2009 7:00pm EDT
from the same airport that the air france plane crashed into back in june. in the atlantic, i should say, killing all 228 on board. any connection beyond that. >> definitely worth noting rio was the departure city for both departures. too early to draw any conclusions. temperature belens is being considered. both flights over large bodies of water when they ran into trouble. aviation official tells me today it is more difficult to detect turbulence over water because the pilots and crew does not have the benefit of land based radar systems, shep. shepard: this kind of thing is rare but definitely not unheard of. >> that's correct. according to new data from the faye today. the number of turbulence related accidents in the u.s. stood at 3 a over the last five years with nearly 60 injuries. that is a significant drop over the previous five years which saw 6 accidents and 260 injuries. no date a that is available for 2009. this year includes continental and air france flights. the drop in turbulence related incidence and injuries according to the f.a.a. can be linked to an advisory they
Aug 16, 2009 9:00am EDT
best hurry, supplies are limited. >> ahead, when in france -- >> >> charles: david examines what they be the best healthcare system in the world. . >> charles: earlier we looked at the debate raging over healthcare reform, while polls show most americans want change, many say they also don't want a european style system. but how many of us the know just what that means? to one man, and one european country here is what it means, a man in paris, david -- >> matt and naimi had twins. >> yes, matt is british so they named their sons george and alistair, but naimi is french and that is what is important here because the entire family is covered by the french national healthcare system. >> so even though the boys were delivered by se sarah palin section and she spent five days in a private room leaving the hospital they paid -- >> 19 euros. >> that is, hmm, around $25. >> i know. i know what you are thinking. >> well they also paid $165 in the first night but you know, twins delivered by cesarean nine days in a private room and the cost is about 19th dollars? >> $190? i thought mayb
Aug 27, 2009 6:30pm EDT
sarkozy said he would be asking the rest of the g-22 fall of france in lain down clear rules for bank bonuses. -- g-20 to follow france in making rules for bank bonuses. >> i see the bonuses as fine, let them take $100 million. that is fine. these people with $100 million, that is fine. >> what ever happenes with bonuses, they're looking to deal with the cause, not the symptoms. of course, britain could go it alone and let all of this risky business go elsewhere. all of the main parties would be against this. the city could lose a lot of valuable business. they would also have to decide what on earth britain was going to do instead. >> here is a curiosity, police in california say they found a woman alive 18 years after she was kidnapped she reportedly walked into a police station. -- they found a woman alive 18 years after she was kidnapped. she reportedly walked into a police station. >> here she is enjoying a fishing trip. she was just 11 when she was forced into a stranger's car. her stepfather witnessed the kidnapping and called police. >> 911. >> this is 911. >> my child was kid
Aug 14, 2009 4:00am EDT
policy. on the downside, air france klm, biggest decliner of the air france klm. citigroup lowered the recommendation on the stock from hold to sell with the same price target at 10 euro 13. now we have a negative session for the largest french production company which posted a 4% decline in sales in the first quarter. let's have a look at the asian markets with saijal in singap e singapore. >> hi, stephane. it's mainly a positive picture here in asia. because we're seeing data that shows improvement in several economieses, australia was one. we had comments coming from the rba governor saying they will start raising rates to a more normal level. that sent the asx to a ten-month high and the aussie dollar to an 11-month high. over in the greater china region, we saw a nice turn around for the hong kong markets which was in negative territory for most of the day. lee and fang reported results late yesterday showing improvement for second half earnings. and remember, we'll get those gdp numbers out shortly, as well, and that could show hong kong is out of a recession, as well. the s
Aug 28, 2009 6:49pm EDT
if it came from ireland, 23% of the production cost would come as a tax break. if it came from france, 20% of the cost would be a tax break. there are similar incentives all over the world -- but not in england. this means that more and more animation comes from overseas. the english animator is told thanks, but no thanks. the amount of animation produce in the u.k. has more than halved by the past five years. take for example and a tonic program -- and iconic program like "bob the builder." where were they made? >> los angeles, taiwan, canada. >> he was upset. >> if you can go to australia or germany where they offer subsidies and tax grants -- absolutely. you go there. >> there are subsidies for animators in scotland and wales, but tax breaks for animation in england would be unfair to the rest of the tv industry. it means a long tradition of animated children's programs may be coming to an end. bbc news. >> that sound like a plucked from an animated film -- a sheet has been bought in scotland for a record amount -- a sheep has been bought for a record amount in scotland. he hopes to ma
Aug 23, 2009 10:00pm EDT
on and so one so it cannot stop the second world war. so absolutely a defensive strategy and france with a loss of preparation they do not start the second world war. they are thinking about how to keep the colonial empire. so we do not need anything or any changes in europe. the policy of insulation in the united states of america. so in this situation the soviet union will say it is wonderful for the surge -- soldiers if nobody canvas start second world war that is a great deal. -- great idea. but germans, i do like to train your commanders? they say yes. but it is a legal. stalin says it don't worry. you have to train your townspeople. so germans come i do like to train your air force people in russia? they say it is very dangerous. stalin says i have the neff planes in russia and so it is a place where lufthansa was created actually. then it build the chemical facilities when you talk about the use of poison gas against people, it is the role of the soviet union. to say yes, but we have no right to. no problem. or leningrad? it had years submarines in leningrad. do you like to d
Aug 23, 2009 9:00pm EDT
pattern of threats i have described rather than financial considerations along. france is also bitterly engaged in reshaping its armed forces. but beyond britain and france, there is no sign of other european nations making a serious effort to develop greater military capabilities. indeed, it is our criticism of the youth defense arraignments -- eu defense arrangements, and just calling something european does mean -- does not mean it enhances europe's ability to act. does this background of a decline in our relative economic base and severe constraints on our military capabilities mean that we simply accept a much diminished role in world affairs? the united kingdom has engaged timbale for in major axe of the strategic shrinkage, such as the withdraw from the suez canal. yet the conservative party answer to whether further such shrinkage would be right for british international role is no. true, as a nation we will have to accustom myself to being -- to more situations that we do not dislike. it is our contention that britain must seek to retain our influence wherever possible and in s
Aug 24, 2009 12:00am EDT
, rather than financial considerations alone. france is also busily engaged in reshaping its armed forces. beyond britain and france, there is no sign of other european nations making a serious effort to develop greater military capabilities. it is our criticism of eu defense arrangements that they too often involve the duplication of data structures. just calling something european does not mean it has enhanced europe's ability to act. does this background of a decline in our relative economic base and severe constraints on our military capabilities mean that we simply accept a much diminished role in world affairs? the united kingdom has engaged before in major conscious acts of strategic shrinkage such as the withdrawal from east of suez after 1968, but the conservative party's answer as to whether further such shrinkage will be ripe for britain's international role in the decade to come is no. the nation will have to accustom ourselves to there being more situations which we dislike but cannot directly change. it is our contention that britain must seek to retain her influence whereve
FOX News
Aug 17, 2009 5:00am EDT
even if your boss won't. you are going to france? >> i figure obama is trying to turn our economy that the french economy so why not go with a france stock. >> it is french. second, it sounds lying telecom stock with a high dividend. you have to hope the french government bails you out. it has taken a hit. david: you have a tough stock that makes stuff. makes metal products. >> worthington makes metal productsment 3% dividend, not great but good. recovery play. i would say insiders have been boog helps. >> expensive on a cash flow. 1.5% return on investment. i think it has too much exposure to commercial construction which is still slow. david: auto parts retailer. >> auto zone. it has a 24% return on investment capital and been beaten up on the cash for clunkers but it is ready. >> it will keep getting beat up on cash flow because that is the only thank is helping our phony economy right now and obama will keep channeling money into cash for clunk, and that will get killed. david: i'm amazed you are supporting cash for clunkers
Aug 24, 2009 5:30pm EDT
buing in several parts of the couny. firefighters fm spain, france, italy, turkey and cyps all helping in that effort. e most intense fires were north of athens, wher huge areas forest and brush hav been destroyed a thousands have been fced to leave their home >>> although fefighters seem be making some progress, the battle's bee intens the pictures othe fires are impressive but wai util you see who wasattling bravely on the front lines of one fire at a monastery as we hear in is repo of itn. >> reporter: the skylin northet of athe this morning, and the fires seem to retrting. fles from france, cyprus and italy are helping gek teams drop water on th flames. ernight lull in the gail-fced winds alwed firefighters to rece the danger spots to fur main fronts and they may have saved t histic town of marhon. but as theinds are predicted to pick up latr, a there coerns about flair ups from previously dormantlames. in the earlyours of this morning, fires surrounded the monasty of st. -- close t the wn. the nuns joined fefighter in the battle agnst the ames. but re unle to save all of th monas
Aug 24, 2009 6:30pm EDT
captioning sponsored bwpbt >> paul: from china germany to franc economies around the globe are perking up. we look at whether tt rising tide wilhelp lift the u.s. economy. >> susie: prospects for revery are definite lifting oil pric. crude continued its marchigher on hopes aecovery will bring with it a big boost in deman paul: "cash for clunkers" heads to history's sap heap but deals are getting a little extra time to cross thei"t's" and dot thr "i's". so what's next for the u.s. auto dustry? comi up, some answers from a noted analyst. >> susie: this recruit is trying to fi 300 positions buhe's swamped witthousands of reses. tonit, standing out in a crowded field of applicant >> paul: i paul kangas. >> susieand i'm susie gharib. this is nightly siness report fomonday, august 24. "nightly business repo" is made poible by: this program wasade possible contributions to your pbs stion from viewers like you. thank you. >>usie: good evening everyone. oil pric closed at a new high for the ye: $74.37 a barrel. in new york ading october crude futures ro 48 cents to settle just y of
Aug 31, 2009 12:00pm EDT
their survival stories. >>> more money for more answers, the investigation into what caused an air france crash is racking up quite a bill. >> take a live look outside this noon, marty the be back with our first warning weather forecast. dad, here-look at this- your p.a.d. isn't just poor circulation in your legs causing you pain. ok-what is it? dad, it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. i can't keep anything from you. you better read about plavix. if you have p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots- the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. dad don't put this off. p.a.d. more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. promise me you'll talk with your doctor about plavix? i'll do it. i promise. (announcer) if you have a stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor before planning surgery or taking aspirin or other
Aug 6, 2009 5:30pm EDT
. interesting -- infantrymen from france and belgium escorted his coffin. in afghanistan, violence is again overshadowing preparations for the presidential election. five afghan police were killed by roadside bomb, and several members of eight wedding party died when a bomb hit the trailer they traveled in. security is at the top of the agenda. secretary-general rasmussen just took office and is already visiting afghanistan. >> these are troubled nomads -- tribal nomad to have traveled afghanistan for centuries. while it may be campaign season, there is no sign of it here. but in a landscape of afghan politics, this place matters. these men are desperate, but they have real political power. his father is a top tribal chief, and what he says goes. he tells me that his father will back most hon. candidate, and that decision will deliver millions of votes. in the capital, 50 miles up the road, it is a different campaign under way. they are reaching out to individual voters with a message. people here are less traditional than those in the villages, and will generally make up their own minds on
Aug 12, 2009 5:30pm EDT
of the busiest shipping lane in the world? the search is on for a cargo vessel last seen off the coast of france and now missing for two weeks. it may have been taken over by pirates, something unheard of in european waters. >> how can a 4,000 to know cargo ship pass through the english channel two weeks ago, and then simply disappear off the face of the earth? the coast guard received a call from the arctic sea on july 28. what they didn't know is that shed earlier been attacked and boarded in swede issue waters by gunman pretending to be swede issue police. july 23, it set off with a cargo of timber. the next day, it was boarded. the crew tied up, and the ship continued. on july 29th, went through the english channel. ships can usually be tracked by satellite using the ais identification system. no one knows where the ship is now. >> you would expect the ship to be transmitting all the time. the indications are that the last recorded position was just off france on the 29th of july. sometimes these things go wrong, sometimes they can turn themselves off. again, it is unusual that a ship sudden
Aug 28, 2009 5:30pm EDT
, france, britain, and italy, over a series of stories about him involving teenage models and paid escort's. -- he is issuing libel suits against publications in spain. once in japan offer the security for jobs for life but unemployment is at its highest in 60 years. where then three and a half million japanese are out of work. polls are suggesting that the liberal democratic party will face a big defeat. they have had a half a century of almost unbroken rule. >> after the worst recession in decades, it is it is the column -- it is difficult for people to ignore the signs of recession. temporary workers form the brunt of the recession. this woman lost her job in february and her future looks bleak. she worked for a car company for six years but only on short-term contracts. >> we are the generation that is being left behind. we are not being valued tone to whatever we have done, however hard we of tried, it is not being rewarded. >> it is the desire for new leadership that the opposition hopes will bring them into the prime minister's office. they want to focus more on consumers and worke
Aug 3, 2009 11:35pm EDT
if they were able to repeat the fateful flight of air france 447 which disappeared from the skies on june 1, killing all 228 people on board. >> the air france, they could tell it broke up over the air. that's what was going through my head. i'm screwed. >> fortunately the turbulence didn't last, if plane landed safely. all the passengers taken to local hospitals have been released. but what happened on what was reportedly a clear day? so how long have you been flying? >> since 1959. >> ed cook took us inside one of the simulators to show us turbulence up close. so it feels like an airplane in here? >> once we shut the door it will feel like we're in an airplane. the pilots use a five-point harness. >> that's two and then the middle one down here. that would be three. our simulated flight into danger felt unnervingly real. there's miami below us. like the pro he s cook guided us up the coast and then into the everglades. >> we are headed into the red spot and the more we get into the cloud the more turbulence we'll experience. notice that the wheel is moving more, notice that we're bouncing
Aug 13, 2009 8:30am EDT
has moved onto a career in france. he is -- has moved onto his first u.s. release "the birth of cornelius." we are glad that you join us for the debate over health-care reform and a singer corneille. >> there are some neat things that walmart is looking forward to doing, like helping people live better. we are looking forward to building strong relationships. with your help, the best is yet to come. >> nationwide insurance proudly supports tavis smiley. looking to improve financial literacy and the economic empowerment that comes with it. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] captioned by the national captioning institute tavis: and baron hill of indiana is a co-chair of a group of moderately conservative democrats known as the blue dog coalition. they will play a key role in any health care reform package that comes out of congress. he is also a member of the indiana basketball hall of fame, conducted back in 2000. a class that included some guy named larry bird. i
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